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The police arrested the hijacker Daewoo. Video

Полицейские задержали угонщика Daewoo. Видео The arrest took place in Nikolaev.

On Saturday evening, January 19, in Nikolaev the police detained the man who stole the car “Daewoo”.

Patrol officers received a Bolo that in Big Korenikhe to be a car that was stolen. The place went on patrol. Combing territory on a street on May 1, police noticed a car which was hit by a Bolo.

Police stopped the car to identify it. After stopping the car sharply pulled away and tried to escape, almost touching the policeman Prius. Then the car turned on the street of Chkalov, where allowed collision with the car “Mitsubishi”, which moved in the counter direction.

After that, the attacker left the car and tried to escape through the yard of this preschool education establishment. The guards quickly managed to catch up and detain the man.

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