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The police agreed to tighten control over the drivers

Полицейские согласились ужесточить контроль за водителямиThe government of Ukraine is dissatisfied with the increased number of drunk drivers.

Autumn in Ukraine can earn so-called points of sobriety, where the police will be able to selectively stop vehicles and check drivers for alcohol. A year ago, the Verkhovna Rada has adopted a law that significantly increased penalties for drunk drivers, but statistics show that he has drunk drivers even more.

Accidents with tragic consequences that are caused by drunk drivers, this month alone there have been dozens. Liability for drunk driving now looks like this: 10200 hryvnias of a penalty and disqualification for a year – and that’s just for the first time. “We increased last year. Is much increased. However, the desired effect we have not achieved,” – says first Deputy head of patrol police Department of Ukraine Oleksiy Beloshitskiy. Today’s figures are staggering: only start was delayed more than 30 thousand drunk drivers in the same period last year was 3 thousand less.

The police believe that all this is due to the imperfection of the laws. “Article 35 provides for specific grounds for stopping the vehicle. Drivers expect that if I’m going to go smoothly – can’t stop me and I reach the destination,” explains Beloshitskiy. For those who are “under the influence” helps the team hunt activists, who every weekend on duty under nightlife. In September last year, TSN already went with them to the RAID then for the night, police wrote dozens of protocols. Now the same statistics. “On Friday there were 30 reports for drunk driving. People have been irresponsible, and remain,” – says the author of the initiative to combat drunk driving Alexey Pavlovsky.

Activists insisted that the law must be amended to create a so-called “point of sobriety” and allow spot checks, which are now prohibited. The project is registered and can be brought to a vote in the fall. The police – only. “Believe me, it will be a pretty high effect. And if then we see that the responsibility is not enough – we need to improve,” says Beloshitskiy.

Now Ukraine is one of the world’s smallest allowed rate of alcohol in blood is 0.2 ppm. In Britain, this mark is 0.8. If cross would have to pay 3 thousand pounds. In France, too, 0,8 – there is a fine of 4.5 million euros and up to three years of deprivation of rights management. But in Japan, a fine of more than 8 thousand dollars, and it will have to pay not only the driver but also the passengers who travel with him.

Recently in Kiev as a result of a traffic accident killed an employee of the service center. BMW car rammed a tire-the car wash on the street borshchahivska, from-for what there was a tragedy. The deceased was 36 years in the service he worked first day. The driver tried to flee the scene, but was caught 100 meters from the building. He was in a drunken state.

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