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The planet killer rapidly approaching the Earth, scientists

Планета-убийца стремительно приближается к Земле, - ученыеNibiru will arrive as an uninvited guest and will greatly affect the life of humans.

Mysterious planet Nibiru is approaching Earth. And it is not broadcasting anything good, say media, specializing in topics of astronomy and space.

Some experts believe that the major problems should be expected, since the middle of September.

With the approach of the celestial body to our planet, the Earth’s rotation may slow down by 1 degree a day under the third-party action of gravity. The probability that the overall slowdown will reach more than 25 degrees, greater, the researchers note.

According to experts, the gravitational pull of Nibiru will focus on Antarctica. If destabilization will be sufficiently serious to occur and the expected change of the poles of the Earth. The consequences of this event difficult to predict. However, it also is not good.

For example, can very quickly melt glaciers, then the sea levels will rise up to 90-100 meters. This means that not only some Islands in the ocean will be flooded. The same fate awaits virtually all plains, as on the surface can only stay in the highlands and their surrounding uplands.

But that’s not all. The trouble is, as they say, never comes alone. Scientists predict earthquakes of up to 11 points, storm, the wind speed can reach 400 kilometers per hour, and volcanic eruptions.

If the “Wake up” the Yellowstone to one-third of the U.S. for a very short period of time will turn into uninhabitable territory. What’s next? Obviously, we should expect the beginning of the glacial period in connection with the stopping of the Gulf stream, scientists warn.

Well, if all of these predictions have been greatly exaggerated or just one of the possible scenarios. But pay attention to the following fact: even former US President Barack Obama last year signed the order for any case to prepare America for global cataclysm.

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