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The piece of old amber, scientists have discovered a unique find

В куске древнего янтаря ученые обнаружили уникальную находкуScientists found in amber poisonous cockroaches that lived with the dinosaurs.

The oldest known instance of a cockroach, presumably lived in the era of the dinosaurs, 130 million years ago, was discovered in a piece of amber from Lebanon. While scientists believe that the insect was poisonous.

Roach was described in the journal Cretaceous Research.

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“This ancient cockroach is considered poisonous, because of the markings on his skin. It has been preserved in Lebanese amber, and lived 130 million years ago,” – said in the message.

In comparison with the living insect was found, the instance is smaller in size, but color with well-developed wings, is noted in the message.

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