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The pictures of Mars found a strange remains

На снимках Марса найдены странные останки The remains could belong to the alien warrior.

On Mars ufologists found a strange skull, which you can see some antennas. According to assumptions of experts, the observed object refers to the remains of the alien soldiers.

Experts believe that Mars actually were living creatures, but NASA tries to hide evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations or simply ignores the obvious. New pictures from Mars Rover allowed once to verify the conclusions of ufologists.

Hunters of unidentified flying objects is sure that the find is a skull of an alien war. NASA supposedly measures certain parameters, e.g., wind speed, and carries out mathematical measurements, however, flatly refuses to seek evidence of intelligent life.

Ufologist Scott Waring said that the skull clearly influenced by the openings of the nose and eyes, there are some antenna and chin. According to NASA, in fact, the discovery has nothing to do with human traits and parabolicheskoi is an illusion when the human brain tries to find familiar features and textures. Therefore, the skull can be an ordinary piece of rock.

На снимках Марса найдены странные останки

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