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The photographs of Antarctica spotted a mysterious triangle

На снимках Антарктиды разглядели таинственный треугольник The discovery was made with the help of online Google maps.

Virtual archaeologists, when studying new images of Antarctica, was discovered on the Queen Maud Land, a mysterious object of unknown origin. Apparently, the experts are to unravel a new mystery.

From time to time in this region of the continent find a variety of oddities that even some mysterious object on the moon or Mars. The discovery was made using Google Earth.

When the ice layer melted, the users of the program saw something triangular in shape, moreover, is geometric. Object 100% someone built, but who? No polar expedition has not confirmed that it carried out the construction.

According to the anonymous authors of the video, the object length is 107 m, and a maximum width of 74 m. most Likely, a triangular object was hidden under an ice layer several centuries.

Virtual archaeologists believe that the object was left of the ancient civilization. Netizens agree this opinion, because Antarctica is virtually unexplored continent, which can escape various abnormal things.

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