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The perfect picnic: the basic nuances and tips from the experts

Идеальный пикник: основные нюансы и советы от экспертовExperts suggested how to organize the camping.

Ahead of the may holidays (4 day weekend!), therefore, if warm and Sunny weather to relax outdoors with a barbecue just need, writes the Chronicle.Info with reference on 24tv.

Organizational moment for picnic

What kind of company you would not be going to the nature − you will feel much more comfortable if you do the preparations in advance. So it is company to find someone who is willing to take on organizing the rest.

Before the picnic definitely need to take care of these things:

– equipment that you will need outdoors;
– food that can be prepared in nature;
– leisure and entertainment at the picnic.

Make a list of products or ready meals (salads, sandwiches, snacks, casseroles, etc.) and assign who buys what and takes. Or centrally purchase the necessary products.

What to take for a picnic?

If you have not developed with the organization beforehand – do not worry, because usually everyone takes a meal “for themselves and for the neighbor.” The only danger – I’ll take some food home.

The equipment that will need to the nature

What to bring equipment – that depends on you, more precisely, from the format of the rest you choose – it will be civilized (in the gazebo with barbecue or out on a car), a picnic at the nearby Park or away from civilization, with an overnight stay. And, of course, are you going to make a fire.

Of equipment is to take the picnic table and folding chairs, or they can be replaced with a blanket or mats, zastelil top disposable cloth, grill, grill and skewers; matches, lighter, axe, paper, kindling, firewood.

Picnic: the most important things

Also consider bringing a picnic basket – it products that will maintain a beautiful look. Also useful cooler bag, and if it does not, then in the bag on the bottom put a bottle of frozen water, and above all the food. If you allow the volume of the trunk of the car, throw another tent and a hammock.

Also don’t forget a couple of knifes, opener, corkscrew, kitchen plank. Picnic ware can be both disposable and out of the house – plates, cups, forks, spoons, a few bowls of salads and plates for slicing.

And, of course, trash bags, to leave behind a clean meadow.

A picnic in “the Park”

If you live in the city, and the picnic you have spontaneous, that is, it is not so much time – took a backpack with Goodies and let’s go camping.

In this case, the equipment should be at least: Mat or just a blanket and umbrella from the sun or rain. If you have a hammock – it perfectly complement the atmosphere.

In the Park, of course, fire kindle impossible. So you should prepare some snacks, pour in a thermos of coffee or tea.

The format of the outing is accessible both by public transport and by bike.

Usually these picnics go overnight. So pack in a backpack tent, a canopy or tent to protect from sudden rain or scorching sun, Mat, sleeping bag, raincoat, flashlight, cookware, knife, axe and matches or a lighter to start a fire.

Food that you can cook on a picnic

Well, of course, barbecue. Kebabs, or meat on the fire or on the grill you can cook anything – pork, lamb, poultry or fish. An alternative can be a delicious sausage that will not spoil your holiday.

Don’t forget that the skewers of meat to marinate, preferably in advance. Then it will be fragrant and delicious.

A classic picnic – potatoes, baked in foil with bacon and vegetables on the fire (mushrooms, peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, etc.). And if you want a picnic less cooking and more rest – fry grilled lavash with Suluguni cheese.

Also can not do without greens (parsley, dill, lettuce and green onion) and fresh vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes), which should be washed at home, because the nature to do uncomfortable. Snacks are also better to prepare in advance.

Be sure to take bread, juices for the kids and drinks for adults. If there is alcohol, take canned cucumbers and tomatoes. For dessert is a fruit, and homemade cakes, or candies.

Oh and don’t forget to take plain drinking water, salt, spices, mayonnaise, sauces and the vinegar (which can be useful even in combat itching from insect bites).

For food transportation it is best to choose plastic containers. Well, probably, everyone wants to impress company, a delicious meal homemade or a delicious drink.

Be careful with the food that spoils quickly – so better not to take to avoid poisoning.

The clothes should take nature

Clothes for the picnic have to be comfortable. Also don’t forget to bring a hat or cap, sunglasses, jacket, windbreaker. If you plan a picnic near the lake or river, put it in the bag even swimsuit/trunks and a towel.

Attention! If the picnic you drink alcohol – it is better to refuse from swimming in the pond and too active games in the sun.

First aid kit and personal hygiene products

Not enough outdoors without dry paper and wet sanitary napkins, soap and toilet paper.

The first is to put the proceeds from disorder of the stomach, activated charcoal; pain medication; heart medication; anti-allergic facilities; protection from the sun and from insects, cuts and burns: a bandage, a patch, brilliant green, hydrogen peroxide, and special balm that heals wounds (for example, ointment “Rescuer”).

Also, don’t forget your personal medicines and care and hygiene.

Vacation with children

The safety of the child first. Going on nature, parents should remember that the rest they get very conditional – for adults, not for a moment lose sight of their child.

It is also worth to tell the children the basic rules of behavior in nature: not to move away, not to approach alone and without permission to water, fire, cliff, cave, etc.

Dress your child in bright mainly things made of natural fabrics with long sleeves, so it does not burn, but still – that it’s easy to see if the kid is too far away.

Leisure and entertainment at the picnic

All the time there is a barbecue will not, so you should think of leisure. Depending on your preferences add to the equipment sports equipment (balls, badminton), chess, Board games, books, magazines, crossword puzzles, pencils. For music you will need or a player, or a guitar or other instrument.

And, of course the camera to make good photos with a memorable stay.

And most importantly: know your limits – do not drink too much alcohol or food, then the rest will leave only pleasant memories.

We wish you a good holiday!

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