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The perfect home fitness: jumping rope

Идеальный домашний фитнес: прыжки на скакалкеJumping rope train the respiratory system, strengthens the heart and blood vessels.

Jump rope is a unique exerciser that does not require spending large amounts of money, jumping rope does not take too much time, you can jump in almost anywhere and most importantly, engaged with a rope, you can abandon the hard and exhausting strict diets.

The benefits of jumping rope

1. Jumping rope allow you to save time. No need to exhaust yourself time Jogging. 15-20 minutes of regular exercise with a skipping rope will allow you to quickly achieve the desired result. 20 minutes is approximately equal to 300 calories. To jump, enough free few minutes and a few meters of free space.

2. Jump rope – an excellent remedy against cellulite, as it helps to improve lymph flow, making the skin appears more toned and elastic.

3. Jumping rope, you can forget about heart attacks. During exercise there is a strengthening of the heart and blood vessels.

4. Jump rope helps to improve breathing, develops discipline, stamina and endurance. Besides, this is a good means to discharge the accumulated negative energy during the day.

5. Jump rope – it’s cheap. No need to spend money on gym and expensive exercise machines.

How to choose a jump rope and shoes

In order to determine the required length of rope, you need to find the middle. Then you need to stand in the middle of the feet and the hands with the ends pulling up in front of him as long as said length so that they were parallel to each other and their lengths were equal. If the handles reach to the armpit, the length is correct.

But if the store is prohibited to unpack the equipment, you can focus on growth.

Growth up to 1.5 meters suitable length 1.8 meters.

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The increase from 1.60 to 1.66 meter length of 2.5 meters.

The increase from 1.67 to 1.75 meters length 2.8 meters.

The growth of 1,76 meter length more than 3 meters.

And if there is fear of making the wrong choice, then the best option is to take a skipping rope with adjustable handle.

As for weight, you need to remember, with a weighted jump rope quickly tired hands. It is suitable for those who want to strengthen and build arms, but to lose more weight quickly will not work. You also need to consider when you select a rope, the easier it is, the harder to spin.

To avoid injury during training, it is better to choose shoes with maximum cushioning, then there is no need to worry about the joints and too much stress on the spine.

How much you need to do, that was the result

To from jumping rope was the result, you need to practice regularly, approximately every other day. The body needs some time to recover, but for efficiency you need to deal at least twice a week.

No need to give too much stress on the body. You should start with a short training, about 10-15 minutes. If and that’s a lot, then you can start with a few minutes, each time slightly increasing the time.

Over time, the duration of classes can be reduced to 30-45 minutes, when the body get comfortable and get used to it.

You need to be prepared for the fact that in the early days will make your muscles sore almost the whole body. But gradually the body gets used, and after training will remain only a pleasant tiredness.

Exercises for effective weight loss

1. The easiest and most common exercise is the jump with both feet on one Mach. You can jump both forward and backward. On one Mach you can do two jumps.

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2. The simulation run. On each swing alternately moving feet: one Maha – the right leg comes, the second Maha – left leg.

3. For the lower press is very effective jumps with knees to chest. During the jump you need to pull up the knees to the body.

4. Jump with crossed arms. For it you need to quickly cross my arms at the moment when the rope goes over the head and continue to jump, and another jump to do, as usual.

5. Jumping from side to side and forward and back pretty quickly to help get rid of excessive fat on the sides.

Contraindications for jumping rope

Before you start to jump, better make sure there are no restrictions in the classroom.

Firstly, it is possible to consult with a doctor who just says, is it possible to give the body such a load or should I find some alternative.

Secondly, jumping rope is contraindicated for people with obesity 1 and 2 degrees, heart disease or other diseases that are associated with the increase in pressure.

Thirdly, people with problems of the spine, intervertebral cartilage and joints it is best to avoid jumping rope because this workload may lead to more injuries.

Exercises with a rope allow you fairly quickly and with a minimum of effort to lose unwanted weight, keep yourself in good shape, give tone and energy. For those who have a busy schedule and no time to visit fitness of halls, the jump rope is a great way out of the situation. Even short sessions can compensate for the lack of physical activity in human life.

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