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The people of new York demand that Melanie trump to leave the city

Жители Нью-Йорка требуют от Меланьи Трамп покинуть городThe petition was signed by more than 100 thousand citizens.

About 100 thousand new Yorkers signed the petition, to the spouse of the elected President of the Melania trump left the city after the inauguration of her husband.

Now Melanie, and their ten year old son Barron going at least until the end of the school year to stay at the penthouse in the tower the Trump Tower in Manhattan.

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Earlier CNN has estimated that for Donald trump and his family from the budget of new York will spend more than $ 1 million. a day.

The inhabitants of the city require the Governor of the state Andrew Cuomo and mayor bill De Blasio not to pay for the protection of the family trump after he left the White house.

“If this decision was taken by two (a couple of Trumps), they have to pay for it. And not the taxpayers of new York, whose dollars can be directed to roads, schools, transportation, sanitation, jobs and other costs, which are the city” – leads the publication the words of the signatories of the petition.

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The inauguration of the trump will take place on January 20.

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