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The people of Kiev told which band to go in October

Киевлянам подсказали, на какие концерты сходить в октябреWhere to go in October in Kiev.

October – a month of interesting events. Going to Kyiv a lot of iconic artists, offer to make the plans better. Read about the main events of Kiev in October in our collection.

Jeremy Pelt Quintet

2 Oct

Caribbean Club

Cost: 250 – 850 UAH

Going to Kyiv virtuoso trumpet player with a world name. Jeremy pelt had been in the Ukrainian capital in the composition of the Black Art Jazz Collective, but this time the musician will return with his quintet.

Jeremy called a follower of the tradition of jazz Lee Morgan and Freddie Hubbard, but the musician has his own style and remains a tireless experimenter. Jeremy Pelt Quintet is a team of the best American musicians: Victor Gould – piano Vincent Archer – bass, Jonathan Barber – drums, Jacqueline Acevedo – drums Jeremy pelt – trumpet.

Киевлянам подсказали, на какие концерты сходить в октябре

Jackson tribute show

3 Oct

MCM (October Palace)

Cost: 290 – 790 UAH

A new concert series tributes dedicated to the legendary artists “MyTribute Show”. The protagonist of the evening will be the king of pop Michael Jackson. His biggest hits will be performed by Zlata ognevich, Michelle Andrade, Vitaly Kozlovsky, Harun Erkezen, Anna Maria, MamaRika, Shain Lee, Ivan Navi, Marina Shepherds, TamerlanAlena, On I Ona, Dside Band, Paul Manandise, Victoria Olize, Dima Libra, Asmik Shiroyan, Sofia Pavlichenko (Freedom Jazz) and special guests. There will be dancing, without which it is impossible to imagine the music of Jackson.

Киевлянам подсказали, на какие концерты сходить в октябре


5 Oct


Cost: 650 – 1500 UAH

The only concert of the music of the experimenter. Fink skillfully juggles the best: Blues, folk rock, electronic, indie rock, trip-hop in his songs has it all. The details of the future of the tour are kept a closely guarded secret, and it stirs up public interest in the future performance. We only know that in Kyiv the band will perform in full force – along with the Fink, the stage is Tim Thornton and guy Whittaker.

Киевлянам подсказали, на какие концерты сходить в октябре

Mikhail Zhvanetsky

8 Oct

MCM (October Palace)

Cost: 390 – 2390 UAH

Popular satirist and artistic Director of the Moscow theater of miniatures is always a welcome guest in Ukraine. In his 83 years, a master of words young at heart and is not going to take a break. Perhaps that is why the army of his fans every year growing numbers of young people.

Киевлянам подсказали, на какие концерты сходить в октябре

National choir of Georgia “Tbilisi”

9 Oct

Central House of officers

Cost: 820 UAH

The famous men Capella choir embarks on a tour of Ukraine. National choir of Georgia – 12 singers 6 tenors, three baritone and three basses. The head of the choir – honored artist of Georgia, laureate of the state prize Robert Gogolashvili. Choir Director – knight of honor Zaza Mamaladze. The repertoire of the ensemble of Georgian folk songs, Georgian songs, composers and famous melodies from movies (“Mimino”, “Fiddler on the roof” and others). Specially for the Ukrainian touring choir learned the song on the verses of Taras Shevchenko’s “Reve TA moan DNP wide.”

National choir of Georgia “Tbilisi” was created in 1980. During its existence the band has given over five thousand concerts not only in Georgia but in the United States, Japan, Belgium, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Italy, France, UK, Estonia. In the discography of the ensemble of eight albums and a 6-episode documentary series.

Киевлянам подсказали, на какие концерты сходить в октябре

Oleg Violin and orchestra NEON

11 Oct, 20:00


Tickets: 250 – 1000 UAH

Last year’s project of Oleg Violins and national academic orchestra of folk instruments NAAN was so successful that this year, the musician decided to repeat it on bis. During a concert Violin with orchestra will present the main BB songs in unexpected arrangements. And folk songs, by contrast, would be more “fatal”.

Киевлянам подсказали, на какие концерты сходить в октябре

Doom Over Kiev: Doomed 10 Years

October 14-15, 16:00


Price: 790 – 1900 UAH

The main festival of doom metal music in Ukraine celebrates the tenth anniversary. Its first major anniversary organizers plan to celebrate loudly – to spend 2 days in the company of the best bands of the genre: Saturnus, Swallow the Sun, Clouds, Eye of Solitude, Plateau Sigma.

In addition to foreign headliners, at the anniversary festival and the Ukrainian team: Raventale, Vin de Mia Trix, 1914, Mother Witch & Dead Water Ghosts, Odradek Room.

Киевлянам подсказали, на какие концерты сходить в октябре

Damien Escobar

17 Oct, 19:00

National Palace of arts “Ukraine”

Cost: 250 – 3000 UAH

For the first time about Damien Escobar, the world music press said after a brilliant performance at the inauguration ceremony of Barack Obama in the “Nuttin” But Stringz “in 2009. Trendy violinist from new York, creates compositions relevant to U.S.-style “crossover violin”. The unique performance make each concert a colorful show, where the main role – a young handsome man with a violin in his hands.


21 Oct


Price: 600 – 2000 UAH

The most popular band of Latvia was formed in the small town of Jelgava in 1989. The participants – school friends, whose hearts were equally indifferent to the music. Over the years, the musicians managed to take a prize at the competition “Eurovision”, ideally to master several languages to make a video in Kiev, to record duets with Nike Borzov, Bi-2, Zemfira and Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, as well as act on all the world’s major festivals, including Glastonbury and Atlas Weekend, and give hundreds of concerts throughout Europe.

But most importantly, BrainStorm published a lot of good songs that became popular. This autumn Kiev will meet recital BrainStorm after a long separation, and according to the musicians, they missed their Ukrainian fans are no less fans.

Charity Vienna ball

October 27-28, 20:00

Column hall of the KSCA

Price: 5000 UAH

The city’s annual charity event, which will take place in the column hall of Kyiv city state administration. Evening dresses, a classical waltz, a live orchestra, the legendary Viennese ball will be held according to the rules, which were adopted over 100 years ago. All proceeds from the fees of the ball will go to the rehabilitation program of soldiers returning from the ATO, and to the needs of the Kiev center for children with disabilities.

Киевлянам подсказали, на какие концерты сходить в октябре

Keiko Matsui

28 Oct, 19:00

National Palace of arts “Ukraine”

Cost: 450 – 2150 UAH

Famous pianist and composer lucky to Kiev new album, “Journey to the Heart”, to present which would help her orchestra Lords of The Sound. In addition to new compositions, the concert will feature the most famous songs of the pianist: “Crystal Shadow”, “Steps of Maya”, “Rose in Morocco”, “Whisper from the Mirror” and “Tears of the ocean”.

Киевлянам подсказали, на какие концерты сходить в октябре

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