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The people of Kiev told where to go if you do not receive bills

Киевлянам рассказали, куда обращаться, если не приходят платежкиResponsible for delivery of receipts to tenants of houses the housing Department or condominiums.

Already almost half the tenants of houses №5 and №9 in the street Budarina receive bills late, sometimes even delayed for more than a month. Because of this, the tenants can’t pay bills on time, complain to Kiev.

“We’ll find out the reasons for delay of bills on the street Budarina, 5 and 9. However, responsible for the delivery of receipts to tenants of houses — the lessee, that is, the housing office or condominium (Association of apartment owners of the house). In case of delay of delivery receipts in the first place to contact them. In addition, in such cases, the residents of the capital can contact the Center for municipal services (in Svyatoshinsky district it is located on the Boulevard Vernadsky, 63). There you can immediately pay slips, because they have all the necessary data. By the way, for those who have a “Card of Kiev”, the payment will be Commission”, – explains Andrey Shcherbina, the first Deputy Director KP “givc”.

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Also pay bills at MICC (main information computing centre). For this you need to register on the site and make all the required data, or enter meter readings. All payment information is stored on the website and, if necessary, at any time it is possible to raise.

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