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The people of Kiev told when to raise fare in public transport

Киевлянам сообщили, когда повысится стоимость проезда в общественном транспортеKSCA plans to raise prices for travel in public transport from July 15.

According to the text of the draft Directive, the fare in buses, trolley buses, trams and the funicular railway is planned to establish at the level of UAH 4. Ride the subway and city train operating in normal mode will cost 5 UAH.

The fare in trams on routes No. 4, 5 or bus No. 59, 60, 61, which operate in the normal mode of movement on routes of General use, will be 7 UAH.

The draft order States that the order comes into force on 15 July 2017.

Recall that Rozenko suggested the Ukrainians themselves to resolve the issue of rise in prices of minibuses. Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine said that today there is no reason for the rise in prices for journey in share taxis and called on Ukrainians to actively defend their rights in the event of rising prices for transportation.

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