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The people of Kiev showed how it will look in the InfoCenter, on the Holocaust

Киевлянам показали, как будет выглядеть инфоцентр, посвященный Холокосту

Phas obedia Lviv architectural Bureau Mistudio.

The second world war, and any event of gigantic proportions, easily splits into hundreds of thousands of “pages” and not all of them about heroism or kindness. One of the most tragic pages in the history of the war was the shooting of tens of thousands of people at Babi Yar.

Now, this tract — the memorial complex, which is designed to remind people about the tragedy that happened 78 years ago. And very soon on the territory of Babi Yar will appear in a special information center. This was announced by representatives of the memorial complex Babiy Yar.

The aim of the information center, according to representatives of the memorial, to attract the attention of society and thus to preserve the memory of the tragic events of 1941. The new exhibition will be created with all the latest ideas and will communicate with you through touch and visual feeling. While its creators will try to tell the story of each of the victims of the shootings.

Will have a new center this fall and in addition to stories about the tragedy in Babi Yar also reported and news about the establishment of the Memorial centre of the Holocaust “Babi Yar” in Kiev. At the moment the location of the new center is unknown. It should offer the working group based on an assessment of the technical characteristics of the winning project. Himself information centre will operate before the opening of the Memorial centre of the Holocaust in Babi Yar, scheduled to open in 2023.

In the competition to develop the concept of the information centre won the Lviv architectural Bureau Mistudio. And all of the companies-participants of the tender were seven. According to representatives of the winning company, the cube shape for the centre was chosen is not accidental. This was done “because of its simplicity, brevity, and adaptability to urban space. Inside the cube – void, which symbolizes the loss”, — said the representative of Mistudio.

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