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The people of Kiev said, who’s to blame for missed trash

Киевлянам сообщили, кому жаловаться на невывезенный мусорThe capital’s residents complain of the stench.

In the capital, in the yard on the street Lunacharskogo, 24, near 4th main entrance are always three garbage tank, from which the unpleasant smell, complaining about the locals. People once again do not open Windows, and right in tehpomescheniya near the entrance is a homeless man. Everywhere you turned — no one responds, say residents.

“People need to contact the owner, i.e. the housing office. The utility should in a short time to take the mayors and to move trash cans away from the house, but so that the truck could drive to them in a timely manner and take out the trash. If the housing office for some reason has not responded to residents ‘complaints, we will carry out checks and take measures”, – says Yulia Competent, assistant Deputy KSCA Peter Panteleev.

With regard to living homeless in the technical room of high-rise buildings, if he is not an employee of the housing Department, so his being there is illegal. This issue must also deal with representatives of the housing Department by calling the service, which deals with the problems of homeless citizens.

The capital’s residents can complain to the contact center city hall by phone 15-51, or leave a written message on the center’s website.

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