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The people of Kiev said, when the city will be “light metro”

Киевлянам сообщили, когда в городе появится "легкое метро"Authorities are already developing a project of light metro, based on the new trams.

In the capital will launch a new form of transport. The authorities want to connect the two shores of the Kiev metro light based on the universal new trams that can travel on tram and railway tracks. The project “Tram-Train” officials of the KSCA promise to implement within three years.

ROUTES. In the mayor’s office showed preliminary outline of the semi-ring of light metro. It will consist of two routes: from the bus station “Miloslavskaya” (str) to karavaevy Duch (discussing the stop “Starovokzalna” or “Polytechnic”) and from the railway station “Darnitsa” to stop light rail “Ring road” (see infographic). Both routes pass through Darnytsia railway bridge. “In may expect to receive a feasibility study of the project (development of the budget 1 million UAH. — Ed.).

Киевлянам сообщили, когда в городе появится "легкое метро"

The routes will run 2-section new trams”, — told the “Today” Deputy head of Kyiv city state administration Ilya Sagaidak. To implement the project, need to complete sections of rails to connect troeschinskogo the speed tram line, with the railroad near the station “Troyeshchyna-2”, as well as the plot, which will connect the Bratislava high-speed line with the railroad in the area Vozduhoflotsky overpass. In addition, it is necessary to construct the branching of tram tracks on the birch and the construction of the transfer platform “Lybidska”.

COST. According to Ilya Sagaidak, the project “Tram-Train” together with zakupami rolling stock will cost 200 million euros. “We will use existing tram and railway paintings, will have to finish building just near to him and places travel. The most expensive cost of rolling stock. The new line will go two coupled tram set a length of 60 meters. The cost of each is about 2.5 million euros. The entire line will need 50 pieces (125 million euros). And in the end the whole project will cost up to 200 million euros,” continued Sagaydak.

As for the cost of travel in the new vehicle, officials promise that the price will be the same as the fare in public transport. “After the introduction of the electronic ticket will be a single tariff for all public transport, including on the branch of the light metro,” — said at city hall.

OPINIONS. Citizens in social networks are actively discussing the project. “Such expensive projects, usually in the capital to the end not implemented. That only is a drawn-out construction Podolsko resurrection bridge and a subway to troieschyna” — said from Kiev Irina Goryacheva. “I use the city train. It is necessary to wait long, as often there are freight and passenger trains. The movement constantly straying, to achieve a clear timetable impossible. What will happen with the schedule of the Skytrain, it is difficult to imagine,” says Oleksandr Stashuk.

“This project can be implemented in 5-10 years, subject to continued funding. But the Kiev railway junction has a sufficiently high intensity of movement of trains, and you need to understand that the priority will still remain to train traffic, and therefore schedule, the “Tram-Train” will lose”, — said the “Today” expert on transport Alexander Kava.

According to him, the authorities it would be better to concentrate on the construction of the metro to the tenants or to send money to the construction of the Podil bridge and the fourth metro line to troieschyna.

But city hall is confident that the prospect for light metro. “The arguments of the experts is not quite correct. To build a fully fourth metro line, you need about 2.5 billion euros and the time 10-15 years. And the project “Tram-Train” can be implemented in three years and every day to carry about 240 thousand passengers,” — said Ilya Sagaidak.

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