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The people of India removed the part of the brain during prayer

Жителю Индии удалили часть мозга во время молитвы The tumor was located close to the part of the brain that controls speech.

In India, the surgeons were allowed to read aloud the prayers of the 30-year-old patient Kulamalu Jangir directly during surgery to remove a brain tumor.

Discovered the tumor was in close proximity to part of the brain responsible for speech. In this regard, because the slightest error he would be permanently deprived of speech.

Despite the fact that usually brain surgery accompanied by General anesthesia, doctors from the hospital, Jaipur has agreed to spend it when the patient was conscious.

In this regard, Jahangir entire operation praying Hanuman-chalisa, which supposedly gives courage to the faithful Indians.

It is unknown if he pray, but thanks to the skill of doctors, the operation was successful and after 72 hours the patient was discharged from the hospital.

It is worth noting that earlier in India happened similar cases.

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