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The Pentagon made a loud statement on cooperation with Russia

Глава Пентагона сделал громкое заявление о сотрудничестве с РоссиейThe Pentagon is ready to cooperate with Moscow.

Addressing the meeting of defence Ministers of the NATO countries, the new Pentagon chief James Mattis said that his Department is ready to resume cooperation with the Russian military.

Retired General that D. trump has entrusted the leadership of the armed forces of the United States, widely known for his uncompromising attitude towards Russia, over what was at one time nicknamed “Mad dog”. How he sees cooperation with the potential enemy?

Mattis hastened to clarify his position. Currently, he believes, we can not talk about military cooperation between nuclear-weapon States, but only on cooperation from a political point of view. That is, joint actions of the troops of the USA and Russia are not supposed, even in cases when they could bring mutual benefits — for example, against ISIS in Syria and Iraq. And “political cooperation” of the two military departments had always, even in the midst of the cold war — it was necessary to somehow coordinate their actions, though very unfriendly to avoid direct military confrontation.

But this interpretation Mattis found it necessary to add that this “cooperation” is conceived from a position of strength. Of course, American forces. Simply put, the Pentagon is ready to dictate to Russia (and all other countries) terms in acute situations in the international arena.

Not surprisingly, the Russian defense Minister, army General Sergei Shoigu did not hesitate to answer an American colleague. He repeated the fundamental orientation of his government: Russia will not allow others to dictate terms from a position of strength. Shoigu also voiced hope that it will be possible to find a basis of understanding for passing today in Baku the meeting of the chief of the General staff of Russia with the Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff.

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