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The pension reform started to cleanse Russia of poor elderly

Пенсионную реформу затеяли, чтобы очистить Россию от нищих стариков

The number of elderly people in Russia now exceeds the number of young children. Officials, justifying pension reform, saying it’s a global trend though and do nothing to effectively boost fertility, and help older people to find work and adapt to modern life.

Chechnya young and old Tambov

Rosstat has estimated that the average age of Russians is steadily growing: in 1991 it amounted to 35 years, in 2009, accounted for nearly 39 years, and last year had already exceeded 40 years. In this respect, Russia is moving in the global trend, especially in some economically developed countries, the population is much older than the Russian: for example, in Germany the average age is 47 years and Japan 48 years.

However, in any developed country of the world there is no such pronounced sexual divide, as in Russia: the average Russian woman 37 years old, and Russian — already 42.5 years. Varies considerably the age indicator and in different parts of the country. So, the oldest regions are the Tula, Tambov and Ryazan, which in General is understandable — the large outflow of young and able-bodied population. But the youngest was the national republics, where the high natural increase — is Chechnya (29 years), Tyva (30 years) and Ingushetia (31.5 years).

Obviously, in the long term the average age of Russians will grow this is primarily due to low birth rate. It is worth Recalling that, according to Rosstat, the last three years in the country recorded the natural decrease of the population that is born less than dying. Moreover, the decline is accelerating: if in 2016 it was only 0.01 per thousand inhabitants, the 2017 accelerated to 0.9, and last year was already at 1.6.

However, it is still significantly lower than it was at the beginning of the zero years, when the number of deaths was more than one and a half times more than the number of births — then in the reproductive age included small of the perestroika generation.

What will turn the deficit grandmothers

It is worth Recalling that the ideology of the pension reform is the aging of the population called the main reasons. Indeed, if you believe the estimates of the Ministry of Finance of Russia, by 2035, the number of women younger than 55 years and men younger than 60 years (recall, that was the old age pension) would be reduced by 2.7 million. But proportional to the increase in the number of pensioners.

But, owning such figures, the government continues to remain indifferent to the massive violations of human rights of older persons and elderly victims of the pension reform. Suffice it to recall the statistics on the number of dismissals of pretensioners: today they account for 15% of all unemployed in Russia. They therefore support the need to refocus and employment and it should have been done before the adoption of pension reform.

Another challenge is the increasing number of geriatric diseases, which will require modernizing the whole system of health and social care. But here’s the progress from the state also minimal: still not even was the mass training of geriatric — doctors who serve elderly patients. Not enough and other specialists: psychologists, teachers, cultural organizers, instructors in physical therapy and rehabilitation specialists, very few palliative care beds (where alleviate the suffering of patients with incurable diseases in terminal stage).

And finally, the rapid growth of the natural population decline — an indicator of the ineffectiveness of the demographic policy of the government. I do not want people to have large families with lots of children (demographers have even invented a term for the imbalance between number of children and the elderly — “deficit grandmothers”). Although it is, of course, would be the salvation from the sharp aging of the population and, as a consequence, from an unpopular pension reforms.

The output of “pension impasse” is still not found

In fact, the acceleration of population ageing in Russia and is the main reason because of which the Russian government initiated a new pension reform. Now to the labour market leaves small generation of the nineties, at the same time retire more numerous postwar generation. So, in order to reduce the load on the Pension Fund, and the Federal budget and was made the unpopular decision to raise the pension age, says a “Free press” a leading analyst of the financial company Forex Optimum Ivan kapustyasky. Similar trends are observed worldwide due to increased life expectancy and a simultaneous decrease of the birthrate, the average age of people steadily increases. In recent decades, this trend is accelerating and, according to forecasts of international organizations, this dynamic will only increase.

So finding solutions to the pension impasse is now occupied by many countries. I think in the near future the retirement age in Russia and the world will continue to grow, pension reform is inevitable. For our country the government has chosen a very fast increase, which accelerate in the current socio-economic situation is impossible.

So with the retirement age subject, I believe, is still closed, but the search for the “horizontal” capacity replenishment “retirement budget” at the expense of citizens continue, and certainly will present to us in the near future, the new pension reform.



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