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The passion of “House-2” Anton Gusev spoke about the breakup with Victoria romanet

At the end of last year, the former participant of “House-2” Anton Gusev left the family, leaving a spouse Eugene Feofilaktova and son Daniel. New lover men was another former participant of “House-2” Victoria romanet. In January Anton made the girl a proposal she said Yes.

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The pair has already started to prepare for the wedding, but fans were happy that Anton and Victoria are happy together. But suddenly romanet reported that he and Gusev broke up. The reason for the breakup girl did not call, but explained that it was not treason. Victoria said that the relationship she needed more than Anton.

The former participant “Houses-2” says, recently something happened that was the last straw. “I can’t sleep with him in bed, tell her that you love, he killed my feelings,” Victoria told reporters.

In an interview Anton hinted that Victoria just went off, and, most likely, in the near future they’ll get back together. “She just snapped, however, as always,” said the former participant “Houses-2”. The fans hope that Gusev rights and the wedding still held.

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