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The participants of the aviation market feel “serf Sheremetev”

Участники рынка авиационных перевозок чувствуют себя "крепостными Шереметьева"

Participants of the market of air transportation appealed to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and the head of FAS Igor Artemyev with the request to understand in the practice of “Aeroflot” and chosen the gruzooperator. The situation, apparently, is non-standard: the appeal was signed by representatives of more than 70 companies. Who and than loaded freight company and why they decided to climb the “government” tall, try to understand.

Playing on the fly

Professional participants of market of aviation of protopalatial told the Prime Minister about how radically the last 2 years has changed the relationship between the carrier, shippers or consignees and the company engaged in ground handling of cargo and post transportation (OOO “Moscow cargo”). In their opinion, it should lead to “monopolization of cargo handling at the airport Sheremetyevo”, which may lead to “poorer quality and more expensive services”.

It is difficult to suspect such a large and massive group of professionals in biased relation to their strategic partners. After all, the airline today, the reputation of leading domestic carrier, recognized for the sixth time the best in Eastern Europe. And it is based in the largest airport, which is served at the end of last year 34 million 30 thousand passengers.

Why dozens of companies whose business is directly linked to air travel, we decided to hit “hand of the giver”? Why do they believe changes in the main air harbour is unacceptable and that the situation should resolve on the level of the head of the Cabinet?

Two years ago Sheremetyevo airport decided on a big change, entrusting the maintenance of cargo flow LLC “Moscow cargo”. The main operator withdrew from working on the results of the tender. What brought this change, the media started writing immediately, describing the events as a cargo collapse.

And rolled like carts, downhill?

The winner of the tender for two years could pay the level of customer dissatisfaction. However, the reviews online surprising similarity: many complain of their lack of organization, incompetence and irresponsibility. Judging by the photos, it seems that the company’s terminals, there is chaos and confusion. Goods regularly find themselves under the open sky, it should be in warehouses. Eyewitnesses tell about deformed carts, containers with no wheels. Expensive machinery is idle due to breakdown, apparent even to the layman…

On how to carrying cargo on this miracle technology, how often dropping directly on the platform, go for legend. Once the cargo cart on the course came off the tractor and rolled to the side of the aircraft. Thank God, did not get…

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In the same plane

Such problems, however, in many industries. But in this case there are some circumstances that engender the feeling of hopelessness.

First, the “Moscow cargo” does not hide the affiliation with Sheremetyevo that June 2015 is the only LLC member (corresponding record is available on the official website of gruzooperator). Sheremetyevo airport (ASH) today is divided between the state and the private owners of 31.5% of shares of the Growing property and 68.4% on “Sheremetyevo” holding the Cypriot TPS AviaHoldingLtd.

In turn, JSC ASH owns 86.8% of shares of JSC “Sheremetyevo international airport”, which is the port operator. Russian jurisdiction, OOO “Sheremetyevo holding” — a handy thing. But can we consider that we face a major national taxpayer? And how it is consistent with the stated in the country process?

But back to our “fortress”. Here’s how they describe the appeal to the Prime Minister, the contractual relationship into which they are invited to join.

“At the end of August 2015, “Aeroflot”, which accounts for 81.8% of all flights at the airport”Sheremetyevo” (2016), transferred the cargo to the company “Moscow cargo” and from that moment ceased their transmission of JSC “Sheremetyevo-cargo”.

This decision affected many market participants: wish to be served at the terminal of JSC “Sheremetyevo-cargo” has lost the possibility of sending cargo flights and cargo service in the terminal “Sheremetyevo-Kargo”.

The airline in some areas is the only one uncontested by the carrier and shippers starting to feel like a fortress: they can’t select the terminal for your load. Don’t run away neither from the Board nor from the terminal…

Left without choice, they are forced to accept the terms, in fact, the only company that has opened their arms wide. However, to be served in the “Moscow cargo” people don’t relocate because of high tariffs, as well as misleading the Prime Minister.

When no joy flight

Partnership without choice — as friendship under duress. Market participants believe that it is possible to speak about cartel agreements between two business entities that causes “significant harm to the state of competition in the service market of cargo at Sheremetyevo international airport” and their rights.

The case, of course, unprecedented. Formal, informal and impartial verification of the stated facts is clearly necessary.

The rules of the game “behind the scenes” Sheremetyevo knows relatively narrow circle of businessmen, but ultimately each of us to them indirectly involved. Any deviations in delivery of goods the hard logic of the market converts to additional allowances that companies “spread” to end-users.

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How do I know if it came to the observance of Antimonopoly legislation more anxious, then ordinary passengers and customers of the air Harbor could pay a little less and afford a little more. Professionals know that the aircraft needs to efficiently perform all passenger and freight transportation. For the half-empty planes, as well as under-utilized compartments, in the end have to pay all!

Therefore, referring to the Prime Minister, the cargo carriers are concerned not only about themselves, they ask and for all of us — the many millions of passengers.

The Windows turned pink?

Depressing and important difference between the reality of things and sees them as a new gruzooperator. At the beginning of June on the official website of “Moscow cargo”, it was reported that the company passed the audit without a single comment. “The company’s representatives also were satisfied with the qualifications of the personnel, noting that during the audit the staff of JSC “Moscow cargo” demonstrated good knowledge of the local regulatory documents and the substance of the procedures carried out”, — the press-service of the company.

And this is about the work all the same company, brilliantly audited: “My transit freight SPb-Moscow (Sheremetyevo)—Nizhnevartovsk at the hands of the “Moscow cargo” 28.08.15, lain at the terminal 5 days!!! conceding 16!!! flights. … And how “leading enterprise?” Ovoschebazah have done it faster!”

“Successful completion of the audit is a Testament to the fruitful cooperation of LLC “Moscow cargo” and “Aeroflot” and effective tool for improving the service quality of cargo transportation” is the conclusion, again from the official tape gruzooperator. Sounds like a toast! And as if it wanted to believe!

Especially that close to bringing another project “Moscow cargo” — the commissioning of the first stage of the cargo terminal with a unique system of storage and handling. If you are able to fulfill their promises, then you are lucky and entrepreneurs, and protopartorg, and all of us.

It seems that the plans to create a global cargo hub on the basis of Sheremetyevo airport will become a reality. And the place there exists not only for a select elite but for all market participants. Because of the seventy protopartorg addressed to Dmitry Medvedev with a request to protect competition and restore the law in the territory of the air Harbor, worth many thousands labour collective. They ask about the opportunity to work on clear rules. And that’s exactly the case when people’s interests coincide with the state.

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