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The parade, wandering in time

Парад, кочующий во времени

Fierce covert struggle for the date and the parade continues. There is a war of bureaucratic, stupid war.

That is, discuss when the ceremonially burn our money. Part of the already burned may 9, arranging for the passage of air over Moscow.

Yesterday in the Kremlin again came the news about the parade on 24 June, combined with the Putin vote.

Today from the Ministry of defence “sources”, which is unlikely. Because of the pandemic. So, maybe the parade will be held in the fall – September 3, the day of memory of victims in school No. 1 in Beslan, which the Russian authorities have recently moved the official celebration of the end of the Second world war in Russia. That is, to make criminal the spring conscription Putin and Shoigu pandemic has not prevented, and a possible June military defile it prevents.

But 3 Sep – no final date. There is an option to skate the parade on 7 November. Close to the administration, the source of “Kommersant” called and the date. Wow!

With all these “sharp discussions” one theme remains unclear who and what will be responsible for the criminal decision to conduct the rehearsal of the parade in a pandemic? Who and how is responsible for the decision that led to the contamination of hundreds of military?

The word “responsibility” the face of the authorities suchaut. “Well, again, you liberals …” Putin and Shoigu used never and never reply.

They are the responsibility of throwing another unnecessary celebration. Blow, bugler, call together the parade!


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