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The papers for each ruble

Документики на каждый рубль

Read the news that the Finance Ministry is preparing a law allowing confiscation of suspicious accumulation respected Russians. It turns out — that I have a Bank account, so no matter which Bank, in the Russian the main thing that, and are on that account God knows what money, but all are nice to me, from the fact that they are there.

There, you know, those people who miraculously get well, at least a hundred thousand — and all, as a substitute them! Immediately make plans to buy a car, a house by the sea and a trip to an exotic country. I bet, divide the anticipated benefits and prove to each other how best to proceed. And it doesn’t matter to them that most necessary they do not have, money also rolled! Need to spend widely and richly.

But I’m not like that. If I have no soul casket with gold, over which from time to time, you can pochonet not without pleasure, I and I can not sleep properly! Such is the man! And here you ask me harshly and where they come from, the money? I will say — I put. Came to the Bank and took out a plastic bag that was hiding in his underwear. It’s my money, comrades inspection bodies!

And the papers for each ruble have? — not to stop questioning. Of course, no papers. Bag plastic Yes only my honest eyes, Gumpaste close with my noble word. Little you this? Little! Suspiciously these things? Oh, how suspicious! Frankly — leads to bad thoughts!

And all my blood flew in favor of the Pension Fund. So, whether that turns out? Judging from the news so. Well, in that case, the banking system is served and all. There remain, of course, the payroll cards of employees and retired pensioners. But to keep the Deposit and use of plastic will be quite inappropriate in such circumstances.

Yes, the news is not yet specified what amount would be considered suspicious, but, as you know, it is possible to post to get. So here such pies. Well, at least the memory of our ancestors preserved, though it warms the soul. And our language is the great language of Pushkin and Tolstoy — in security. That’s good.


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