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The Panos of Comatose have an idea for MANDY 2

Lumberjack Ed may return?

Horror Thriller “Mandy” did not bring big profits to their creators, but has managed to become a significant event among cinephiles around the world this year. After this, of course, wonder what the Director will do next. And what the hell, how about a sequel?

That’s what Panos Cosmatos told the online IndieWire about the potential “Mandy 2”:

People ask me about it. I don’t know if I belong to those who make sequels. I prefer to have each movie had its own unique identity.

However, the Director admitted that the idea to continue it has:

Working on the script, just for fun, I imagined a sequel in which Ed Miller would have faced punks-Nazis bombed the city. I don’t know whether it will happen someday, but the idea is funny.

Damn, I though it looked! Maybe still a chance? Good Cosmatos says he is only modern sequels, while old school, he, of course, like:

I really miss that, what were the sequels in the past, due to the fact that each film was unique in its own way, is self-sufficient in its tone. Today sequels is a tonal facsimile of what was in front of them, as in the TV series, but the sequels of the past are often radically different from their predecessors.

Opinions are very mixed, of course. On the one hand, creative freedom is always cool. On the other hand, it is rather strange when, for example, a powerful postupaka “Mad max 2” is replaced by a childish fantasy of “Mad max 3”, and it’s just what comes to mind first. Anyway, nothing prevents Cosmatos to experiment with “Mandy 2”. This is the case when the viewer does not need a carbon copy of the original, but something new and not less crazy with a couple of familiar faces (cage and Risboro) went, I think, to cheer.

Now seems like the Director doesn’t know what he will do next. To remove blockbusters for big studios, he says, will hardly dare, afraid of responsibility and more control of producers. But if you give complete freedom, can try. However, most likely, will remain in the low-budget independent movie.

In any case, we curiously wait for the next project of Panos of Comatose.

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