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The owners of the new MacBooks have reported problems with keyboard

Владельцы новых MacBook сообщают о проблемах с клавиатуройAs the malfunction occurs.

Many of us have heard about the “problem” keyboards new MacBook and MacBook Pro. In June this year Apple finally acknowledged the problem and launched a special warranty replacement. But as it turned out, the story doesn’t end there. To our editors asked readers and told the story that happened to his MacBook Pro.

According to our reader, the problem is as follows: the keyboard and trackpad of his MacBook Pro 13 (2015) from time to time ceases to function properly. Resetting the SMC and NVRAM/PRAM does not solve the problem, and the internal diagnostics does not show any problems. What is particularly interesting is button always works properly.

For the first time about a similar issue talking on international forums. Initially it was assumed that the problem has programme, but it was much more serious. As it turned out, it’s all in the ribbon cable that connects the keyboard and trackpad of the laptop with the motherboard.

Over time, this component becomes unfit for use, and this in turn directly affects the efficiency of the keyboard and trackpad. The solution was quite simple – just replace the appropriate cable.

As it turned out, a similar issue affected not only the MacBook Pro (2015) as more and more new models. At least, the same problem manifested itself on my personal MacBook Pro 13 (2017) no Touch Bar.

While Apple has not commented on the situation, and it is difficult to say whether warranty replacement of faulty cables, or repair will need to produce at his own expense. However, the fact of the problem is the place to be.

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