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The owners of Skoda Octavia listed the shortcomings of this model

Владельцы Skoda Octavia перечислили недостатки этой модели Despite these disadvantages, the Octavia remains a good choice.

Most of the motorists who chose a Skoda Octavia, at one hundred percent happy with their car, or think of her faults is not so critical. But they do exist.

The first thing worth mentioning is the poor quality paint coating. The owners also received complaints that after hitting the pebbles of small size, the paint still scratches and chips.

The second disadvantage of this car was named the low level of noise. According to one of the owners, the level of isolation from noise and vibration, of average quality. On the uneven pavement rumble in the cabin begins to pall.

In addition, not all work for dynamics installed on the car this version of the engine capacity of 1.6 liters. This atmospheric engine is standard and the output has a capacity of just 110 HP

According to information provided by the manufacturer, to achieve the speed of 100 km/h hatchback installed a similar engine requires 10.2 seconds, and the wagon – more than 12 seconds.

Not all drivers were satisfied with the operation of a transmission.

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