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The owners of “EuroBLECH” figured out how to circumvent customs clearance

Владельцы «евроблях» придумали, как обойти растаможкуMotorists are to the Consulate abroad.

The drivers of cars on foreign registration massively be on a temporary consular register in the dipuchrezhdeny of Ukraine abroad in order to circumvent the need for clearance of vehicles.

“In the last days in the consular departments of diplomatic institutions of Ukraine in Europe has dramatically increased the number of cases of establishment of temporary consular registration, which occupies 90% of the total carried out by consular operations”, – said the head of the consular Department of the Embassy of Ukraine in Warsaw Svetlana Rat.

Every day from morning under the consular section in Warsaw a crowd of 300 people, wanting to become on the consular account. It allows for multiple (every five days) and transit (10 days) border crossing and gives the right to stay “EuroBLECH” Ukraine without travel abroad for up to 60 days.

Become a temporary Consulate abroad by the owners of an annual visa, as well as those who have a permission for temporary and permanent residence in Poland.

Considering that the day the Department could take approximately 150-160 people, “euroshare” greatly complicate the life of Ukrainian citizens that come to the Department on other issues.

Staged on a temporary consular registration creates another problem. The Consul explained that the drivers are automatically included in the list of voters at the Consulate and will not be able to vote at the place of residence in Ukraine.

“Then these people come to vote at the place of residence in Ukraine will not be able to do it and they will say that they took the right to vote,” said the Rat, adding that the Consulate still warn them about failing then vote in Ukraine.

According to the diplomat, it is necessary to amend the regulations to the consular registration was not tied to the importation of vehicles.

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