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The owner of the car on the “EuroBLECH” won the case. Video

Владелец авто на "евробляхах" выиграл суд. Видео The trial lasted almost two years.

The Supreme court ruled in favor euroshare, who in February 2016, the import of cars to Ukraine and not rented a car with Estonian registration. Domestic customs fined the driver on 8,5 thousand hryvnias.

The man went to the courts, the final of which was the highest, the Supreme. The driver does not hide the fact that he imported a car for myself, and transit wrote in the Declaration, solely in order to avoid customs clearance. Supreme court the owner of a car was acquitted.

In Ukraine is more than 400 thousand cars with foreign registration, but the court’s decision legitimizes eurobserv – just the offense that the owner of the customs brought under another article of the Customs code and not made the report.

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