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The OSCE said about “cargo 200” on the border

В ОБСЕ заявили о «грузе 200» на границеFuneral vans crossed the border with Ukraine and Russia.

In the OSCE mission, which is based at Russian border crossings Gukovo and Donetsk in Rostov region of the Russian Federation declared the crossing of the Ukrainian-Russian border funeral vans. This is stated in the weekly report of the mission from 22 to 28 February.

“During the reporting period, the observation mission saw two ambulances, which crossed the border between the Russian Federation and Ukraine, and two funeral van”, – stated in the mission. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

According to the OSCE, the first ambulance appeared on February 27 at the border checkpoint Donetsk, crossing the border into Ukraine 5.04 and returned to Russia in 7.36. The ambulance had Russian license plates. Observers could not verify was whether inside patients.

Another ambulance was seen on February 27 at the border checkpoint of Gukovo, she went to Ukraine in 19.07. The OSCE mission failed to identify license plates because of limited visibility and could not see was there patients.

The first funeral van was spotted on February 22, paragraph Donetsk, he crossed the border from Russia to Ukraine at 16.00. The second van was seen on February 27 at the point Gukovo. The vehicle had Ukrainian license plates and crossed the border into Ukraine 16.35. The van was written the Requiem in the Russian language.

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