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The origin of the mysterious Planet X found a random explanation

Происхождению таинственной Планеты Х нашли случайное объяснениеPlanet X accidentally fell into the Solar system.

Scientists have counted 156 different variants of the meeting of the Sun with an object whose dimensions are comparable to Neptune or Jupiter. According to their model, planet X could be captured by the gravity of the Sun.

“Depending on how was their meeting, planet X could or just to take their place on the outskirts of the Solar system, or to eject one or more planets out of it to clear “living space”,” suggested Vesper. The scientists added that the size of the planet X cannot exceed the size of Neptune as a gas giant like Jupiter completely rebuilt the Solar system, the researchers note.

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On the possible discovery beyond the orbit of Pluto’s largest celestial body, scientists said in mid-January 2016. A potential ninth planet of the system revolves around the Sun in an elongated path (in inclined relative to Earth’s orbit plane) with a period of 15 thousand years, and physico-chemical properties reminiscent of Neptune.

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