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The oncologists explained why overweight people should have to lose weight

Онкологи объяснили, почему полным людям надо обязательно худетьOverweight can be a contributing factor to the development of cancer.

Scientists are tirelessly looking for more productive methods of treatment of oncological diseases. They’re also trying to figure out what the reasons may be precursors to the appearance of cancer cells in the human body. In one of the last research they managed to find one such cause and it turned out obesity.

People who are overweight, one of the first are at risk of 13 types of cancer. It sounds intimidating, but actually it is. Now the doctors are really worried because cancer is the most terrible disease of our century and about half of the world’s population have obesity at different stages. A love for a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and sport experience only a few, here they are, according to scientists, nothing will happen and they deserve a chance to live a long and healthy life.

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What types of cancer most often develop in obese people:

cancer of the uterus;

– ovarian cancer;

– breast cancer;

cancer of the esophagus;

– kidney cancer;

– stomach cancer;

– pancreatic cancer;

– colon cancer;

cancer of the liver;

cancer of the gallbladder;

– brain cancer;

– cancer of the blood;

– thyroid cancer.

All of these types of cancer predict the people who are not watching their weight, eating high-calorie and fatty foods, don’t pay time on playing sports or performing the elementary exercise and so on. The prevalence of carcinogenic substances in the foods that are the basis of the diet full of the person directly contributes to the development of cancer cells.

There is a solution!

Scientists together with terrible information about the reason for the formation of malignant tumors in the internal organs in the form of obesity told how to protect yourself from all the thirteen types of cancer. You only need to start losing weight. And this must be done in the near future. Cancer comes suddenly and not waiting until a potential patient would have to provide itself a service, taking care of the future and changing to a healthy lifestyle.

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People with obesity, scientists suggest immediately review your diet, eliminating all harmful products that make it difficult to lose weight and can even be instigators of the growth of cancerous tumors, such as roast pork. To the slimming process does not take too much time, you should connect sports at least a couple times a week and daily walks 5-7 km.

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