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The oncologist called the symptoms indicating cancer

Онколог назвал симптомы, сигнализирующие о ракеWhat you should pay attention.

How to recognize cancer and where to go with the suspected cancer, said experts of the Department of health Poltava regional state administration.

A leading oncologist of the Department, chief doctor of the Poltava oblast Oncology center Orest Vovk listed the main symptoms that may indicate cancer.

In the presence of at least one of them should immediately contact your doctor and get tested.

• Frequent discharge of blood. Bleeding from physiological orifices (oral cavity, urinary system, rectum, etc.) indicate the presence of serious illness. Even if it’s not cancer, the patient may nogatsaa in surgical care. Unfortunately, half of the cases of colorectal cancer in the Poltava district last year found out at the last stage.

• Sudden weight loss. Often rapid weight loss is the only signal the beginning of cancer. Cancer of other organs is very difficult to recognize. In the early stages of cancer, the disease makes itself felt pain. Last year in the Poltava region, more than 60% of new cases of cancer of the respiratory organs and the stomach was discovered too late to cure the disease.

• Sealing of soft tissues. Tumors of the soft tissues and mammary glands can be recognized visually or by touch. It is therefore important to conduct regular self -. Upon detection of seals necessarily consult the doctor. Last year, 17 new cases of breast cancer in women in the Poltava region 8 contacted with the disease at a late stage.

• Change the shape and color of moles. New moles that have an unusual appearance (blackening, cyanosis, uneven edges), you need to show your oncologist. The same applies to changes in existing naevi. One of the most aggressive forms of cancer – melanoma. In the early stages may look like an ordinary mole, which quickly becomes a malignant neoplasm.

• Scars more than two weeks, ulcers moles. Injured mole that doesn’t heal is a good enough reason to visit the oncologist. Wounds that ooze more than two weeks should be examined by a surgeon. Damage in the oral cavity (for example, “bite” cheek) that do not heal should see a dentist. In such cases, self-medication can be disastrous.

“If you experience any of these symptoms, don’t wait. Contact your family physician, even if he appoints a detailed examination and consultation of an oncologist. To the dentist, you can contact without direction”, – said Orest Vovk.

To establish the presence of cancer using a blood test. To do this, use the tumor markers.

“We have 10 major tumor markers. With the help of a blood test can detect different types of cancer. First and foremost is cancer of the ovaries, prostate and intestines. A critical question is the selection of the group for inspection. That is, those who have suspected cancer. An analysis of effective, but expensive – from 500 UAH. There is no point in spending money just like that. Vigilance should exercise in the first place, family doctors,” – said the chief physician DZ Ivan Shumeyko.

Specialists of the Department of health asking patients often go to family doctors. Listen to their advice. And be sure to regularly onkoprotektor. Especially people who have risk factors.

Risk factors several. It is heredity – if family already diagnosed with cancer. Bad habits – Smoking, alcohol consumption, sedentary lifestyle. Improper diet – fatty, salty, too much high-calorie food, excessive consumption of sweets, chemical compounds in food. Lack of vitamins and nutrients. Harmful working conditions. Bad ecology.

Doctors are advised to monitor their weight more fresh air, drink clean water and food, to give preference to natural products.

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