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The oligarchs get richer, the economy – darkness: Zyuganov revealed the real plans of the government of the Russian Federation

Олигархи богатеют, в экономике – мрак: Зюганов раскрыл реальные планы правительства РФ

Emergency called Communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov conditions in which there is consideration of the draft budget of Russia for the next three years. Speaking today at the plenary session of the state Duma, he stated that the main financial document will not eliminate any challenge to the country, salaries will decrease, causing the population of Russia will be poorer.

The Communist party leader noted that over 10 years the rate of growth of the Russian economy amounted to only 4%. “America has 16%, the Chinese 101% – compared Zyuganov. – Promised to stop the extinction – but we have lost over the years of reforms 9 million [people]. America added to 77 million, the British and French in ten. Poverty and the split has reached unprecedented proportions”.

He recalled that 23 Russian oligarch has increased this year its state to 1 trillion 200 billion – and on the same level increases the expenditure budget of the whole country.

The leader of the Communist party listed the sectors in which, in his opinion, the situation leaves much to be desired. In particular, he noted, in the commodity area for the past two years has not opened any new oil and gas fields, so in the next two or three years in the energy industry will be a sharp decline. In the aviation industry in the imposition of an embargo on the supply of spare parts in Russia “stops all flying Park because it is mainly Airbus and Boeing”. Electronics “as was on someone else’s contentment, and still is,” said Zyuganov.

At the same time the leader of Communist party has noticed that “capital flight this year is growing for half a year to 4.3 trillion fled the country”, while Russia “has declared war”, and if the country in the coming years will be global pace for economic growth, it will be a very hard life. While Zyuganov stressed that the draft of the main financial document of the country is not a word about the sources of economic growth and expenditure “there is no challenge that we would have eliminated this budget.”

“Social policy – take a look at the budget, it’s 2.5%. And inflation will be 4%. This means, people will continue to get poorer, will continue to shrink salary, there will be nobody to buy goods, will continue to slip economy”, – said Zyuganov.

However, the leader of the Communist party recalled that salaries are 81% of the population is only enough for food, inexpensive clothing and housing. “It’s all dark! Exports growing for 3 years by 1.1% and imports by 21%. Export provides currency and in import it is necessary to pay, and how will it be joined?” – the Communist was indignant.

The overall situation in the country he described as “a continuous occupation by foreigners.” “Two-thirds of the food industry in the hands of foreigners, 80% of trade – said Zyuganov. Of the 23 billionaires, which I called, and the half has a foreign passport – tomorrow they will burn and they will run the hell out of here”.

The draft budget, the leader of the Communist party called “colonial”, and stated that this document fraction will not vote.

When the final vote out of 435 deputies present in the hall for the draft budget in the first reading voted 370 of the parliamentarians, against – 65.

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