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“The Odyssey” movie: ambitious adventure movie released in

The biggest adventure project in the modern history of French cinema, with Lambert Wilson, Audrey Tautou and Pierre Nine in the lead roles, will appear on the Russian screens on the Day of the Antarctic, 1 Dec. This is no accident: the team directed by Jerome Salle (the Tourist, “Largo winch”) shot this film not only in warm areas, but also made an expedition to Antarctica to film one of the most impressive scenes of the film.

“The Odyssey” movie: ambitious adventure movie released in

In the end, a controversial figure of the man who opened the undersea world to all of humanity, Jacques-Yves Cousteau. One of the most famous people of the twentieth century, but it is very wide and the audience is always so little was known. For most people it’s just a man in a black turtleneck and a red cap, the captain of the research vessel “Calypso”, who with his team crisscrossing the seas and looking for the most interesting places, which only hides the salt water. Here we see him through difficult relationships with family and especially with his youngest son Philip, with whom it communicates as much as it divides. Cousteau – adventurer, businessman, traveler, conqueror of female hearts. It is dangerous and attractive. So no one else on the screen is not seen.

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Movie trailer of “the Odyssey”

To the film’s release was timed special project, the contest “On the routes of Cousteau”, which was published about 500 Amateur photos and videos of the deep sea, and the winner was awarded a trip to the Caribbean. On November 29 the Moscow premiere of the film in the cinema “Formula Kino on Kutuzovsky”. The film goes to rent, with the support of the TV channel “My planet”.

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Review of the film can be read here.

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