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The Oculus: the Indian remake in the offing

Do you remember the Indian Freddy Krueger named Mahakaal? If not, you still have plenty of wonderful discoveries from the world of bollywood. Indian idol also likes horror and anticipates the world-famous projects. Here and there in the light of funny-terrible remakes, often not even zamorachivayas about copyright. It is almost the mockbusters from the Asylum, only with songs and dances. Okay, not necessarily with all the fan service (down with stereotypes!), but definitely with its color.

The film “Mahakaal” (Mahakaal, 1993) were interesting primarily as another (very different) perspective on a familiar story, and he’s got enough of their fans. Tellingly, even outside of bollywood. If this Freddie is not the only character in the horror classic, adapted for the Indian audience. Offhand I can recall a couple of Jokers, and Chuckie, and local Pennywise named Vikram Thakur. From his American brother, he is distinguished by the fact that kidnapped children’s souls and kept them in the bodies of dolls. In General, they have there in India has its own atmosphere.

Not long ago, bollywood has reached the “Oculus”, one of the most notable horror movies of recent years. The Director of the original film, Mike Flanagan, has posted on Twitter a poster and teaser of the project. In fact, the Indian version was called “Dobaara: See Your Evil”. The story focuses on Natasha and Kabir merchant, the brother and sister who after the death of his parents will have to deal with the strange mirror. The film was made by Prawaal Raman and Leena Tandon. Flanagan himself admitted that all this action making him strangely happy. Well, there’s at least one satisfied viewer into the chest of prizes already.

If you believe the IMDb, the world premiere is scheduled for 19 may, will be held in a few weeks. On the poster other date: 2 Jun. Anyway, the film production is completed and the curious will be able to reach it within a month. Curious and probably will be.

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