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The nutritionist explained, is it possible to combine cucumbers with tomatoes

Диетолог объяснила, можно ли совмещать огурцы с помидорамиNutritionist refuted the myth of the incompatibility of tomatoes, cucumbers,

On the Internet written many articles on cucumber and tomato can not be combined as it is to eat melon with anything else. This is stated in the message of the dietician Oksana Skitalinskaia in Facebook.

There is information that such connections can even die. So what is this caution?

All because the cucumbers contain an enzyme askorbinata that when cutting the product is activated and reacts with vitamin C, which is in tomatoes, deactivating part of ascorbic acid. But this is short lived, as after the ingestion of an enzyme askorbinata decomposed to amino acids. That is why there is no threat for vitamin C.

Besides, ascorbic acid is found not only in tomatoes but also other vegetables or fruits. However, vitamin C is not alone and is paired with bioflavonoids – the pigments that protect the vitamin from destruction and contribute to vitamin activity.

Askorbinata in cucumbers is very small, therefore its action is blocked at the addition of natural acids such as lemon juice or balsamic vinegar.

A warning not to combine cucumbers with tomatoes is that the latter contain a lot of fiber. But the difference in its content are minor, therefore she is not able to block the process of digestion.

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Oksana Skitalinskaia noted that this argument about the different fiber is used in relation to the melons. Therefore, the nutritionist advises to eat as the tomatoes and cucumbers at the same time and to combine melons with other foods.

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