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The nutritionist called the perfect oil for frying

Диетолог назвал идеальное масло для жаркиLet’s deal now with what oil is best for frying.

If you watch your diet, you definitely thought about it.

Nutritionists also claim that if you are trying to eat right, something about fried food in General forget.

Long known that frying in sunflower oil is impossible, because when heated it turns into a carcinogenic toxic substances that poison our bodies.

Almost form various harmful substances when heated fat. However, it is necessary to be careful not to abuse it, just to grease the pan.

However, if you choose the lesser evil, it is better to fry in olive oil. It is monounsaturated and does not form a variety of toxic substances. But best of all, suggest nutritionists, food to simmer and stew, it is stew on the water.

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