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The number of players No Man’s Sky has grown 10 times

Количество игроков No Man's Sky выросло в 10 разThe recent patch has breathed in No Man’s Sky new life.

After its release in 2016, space adventure game with elements of survival, No Man’s Sky did not criticize just lazy. Many gamers complained about large-scale technical problems, poor optimization, lack of muliplier, as well as the inconsistency of the gameplay and content of the prior promises of the developers. In the early days the audience of No Man’s Sky exceeded 210 thousand concurrent users, and in July of 2018 barely reached 2000 players.

Luckily, exactly two years after the release of the project programmers from Hello Games was able to bring his creation to mind. On 24 July came the biggest additions is NEXT, and is allowed to return the interest of gamers. The average number of players per day increased from 1035 employees in June to 11 840 people in July (an increase of 1,043%) with peak values of about 100 thousand simultaneous users.

The key innovations of the NEXT patch includes improved graphics, full multiplayer for four people with sixteen players in a star system, modification of the single-player campaign story, improved AI, detailed tutorial, new modes, content, and customization of the game.

The NEXT update is, in fact, made No Man’s Sky new game. Despite the tarnished reputation, the creators of the project managed to revive interest in their game. Now they face an even more ambitious task is to build on the success achieved.

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