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The number of games released on Steam in 2017, has broken all possible records

Количество игр, вышедших в Steam в 2017 году, побило все возможные рекордыValve is trying to provide developers with all the tools to release games in its store.

Perhaps no one will argue that over the last few years the catalogue of the digital distribution service Steam has grown by leaps and bounds. And now, when Valve launched the Steam program Direct, the video game developers still have less obstacles in order to put his creation on public display. Which means that the number of releases here promises to exceed all conceivable limits.

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According to estimates analyst Niko Partners Daniel Ahmad (Ahmad Daniel), the number of new games launched on Steam for the first nine months of 2017, has already exceeded this indicator in 2015-th year (as well as the sum of all releases from 2006 to 2014 years), and soon all catch up and record 2016. Specialist is convinced that by the end of December on the platform in total will appear on 5000 more. And this is largely thanks to the Direct Steam service, which since its opening in June helped to convey to users already 1300 computer games.

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