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The novels of celebrities ended tragically. Photo

Романы знаменитостей, закончившиеся трагично. Фото The life of celebrities seems like an accomplishment, and their love story is a beautiful tale.

However, even the beautiful and famous is not so smooth and rosy.

Sometimes even the most beautiful stories of love, suddenly breaking off, acquire a tragic ending.

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Here are 10 love stories of celebrities with a surprisingly sad ending:

1. Simon Atlee and Petra Nemcova

Романы знаменитостей, закончившиеся трагично. Фото

In a split second, a dream vacation turned into a nightmare for the 25-year-old model Petra Nemcova and her 33-year-old lover, photographer Simon Atlee.

In late 2004, the lovers went to one of the popular resorts of Thailand. The rest promised to be fabulous.

When the island was struck by a deadly tsunami in one moment was broken thousands of people’s lives.

Peter was saved from certain death, clinging to the branches of trees. For eight agonizing hours, the model stayed on the tree until it finally rescued rescuers.

The girl suffered a fractured pelvis and numerous other injuries, but she survived, and her lover is dead…

Simon’s body was found 6 months later near the place where the couple spent their vacation.

In memory of deceased groom Peter started a Foundation called The Happy Hearts Fund. This organization was engaged in that helped victims of disasters in Haiti and the Philippines to overcome these tragedies.

2. Michael Todd and Elizabeth Taylor

Романы знаменитостей, закончившиеся трагично. Фото

Michael Todd, perhaps, was famous because he was the only husband of Elizabeth Taylor, with whom she is not divorced. And it really was a feat.

After all 7 of famous Actresses marriages ended in divorce. Marriage with Michael was the third in a row for star of Cleopatra (she was married a total of eight times) and the third for Todd, a famous Hollywood producer.

Taylor was two years younger than Todd’s son from his first marriage. However, the 23-year age difference has not stopped the lovers. The relationship Elizabeth and Michael were the center of attention and was surrounded by lots of gossip and gossip.

6 months after wedding in the family, daughter Lisa.

Despite the negative attention of the tabloids, the couple seemed genuinely in love and sincere.

Many said that Elizabeth was never happier than when paired with Todd.

Their tale was cut short when less than a year after the wedding, in 1958, a private jet, Todd “Lucky Liz” crashed. The plane engine failure, it exploded upon impact with the ground.

At the end of life Elizabeth called Michael “the love of your life” along with the 5th (and 6th) husband, Richard Burton, and, of course, jewelry.

3. Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love

Романы знаменитостей, закончившиеся трагично. Фото

Yes, their relationship was turbulent, Yes, the couple was notorious that both had used illegal drugs.

In April 1994, the whole world was shocked by the news of the death of Kurt Cobain. The famous musician was found dead in his home. He died from a gunshot wound to the head. The police stated the fact of suicide.

Kurt and Courtney met in a nightclub in 1990. They secretly got married on a beach in Honolulu, Hawaii, in 1992.

After 6 months into the marriage was born the daughter of Francis Bian.

There are many versions about the death of Kurt. Some argue that it was murder. Others believe that Cobain committed suicide. But for what precise reason no one knows.

At the time of his death Kurt was only 27 years old. He was in the Prime of life and in the Zenith of his fame…

4. Carole Lombard and Clark gable

Романы знаменитостей, закончившиеся трагично. Фото

The Hollywood “Golden girl” Carole Lombard met his fate on the set of the 1932 film “a Difficult man”. Her partner in the role was the famous Clark gable.

But only in 1939, after seven long years after a pair of singles joined. Life Clarke and Carol seemed dreamlike idyll.

They were madly in love, constantly surprising each other unusual actions.

For example, after one of their quarrels, in a sign of reconciliation Lombard sent her husband a pair of pigeons.

Unfortunately, just two years after their marriage, Carol was killed in a plane crash. She flew to the shooting of anti-fascist film. Her plane crashed into a mountain climb.

She was only 33 years old. Although the gable and then married, those who knew him well, claimed that the actor never recovered after the death of his wife. No doubt, Carol was the biggest love in his life.

To forget, Clark gable went to the front as an ordinary private soldier, despite the fact that family and friends were against it.

At the request of Clark, after his death, he was buried next to Lombard in 1961.

5. Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski

Романы знаменитостей, закончившиеся трагично. Фото

At first glance, it seems that Hollywood couldn’t write a better script: in 1964, a rising actress (Tate) meets a promising young Director (Polanski).

Although these two immediately found a common language, Polanski tries it in his movie (“Fearless vampire killers”).

They fell for each other during his stay in Italy, and on returning to London she moved in the house of the Director.

Four years later, Sharon and Roman were married and were expecting a baby.

Their love story could be called a fairy tale with a happy ending… However, a fatal combination of circumstances interrupted this wonderful tale.

Just two weeks before the birth, Tate was brutally murdered by a criminal group known as “the family of Charles Manson”. After she was tied up at gunpoint, it was applied 16 times with a knife.

Sharon was only 26 years old…

6. Princess Diana and Dodi al Fayed

Романы знаменитостей, закончившиеся трагично. Фото

Just one short month continued a whirlwind romance of Diana Spencer and her boyfriend, the son of Egyptian billionaire Dodi Fayed.

In August 1997 the world was reeling from the news that everyone’s favorite Princess with a new lover died in a car accident during a holiday in Paris.

The lovers got into a terrible car accident. Dodi died instantly, Diana with numerous injuries was taken to hospital where she died several hours later.

Some sources report that at the time of death the Princess was pregnant, but officially this has not been confirmed.

Their whirlwind romance had remained a beautiful, but unfinished story of a great love.

7. John and Jacqueline Kennedy

Романы знаменитостей, закончившиеся трагично. Фото

It was love at first sight. John Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvier met at a party a mutual friend.

A year later, in 1953, the couple married. And yet eight years later, Kennedy became President of the United States of America, and Jackie became the third young First lady in history. She was only 31 year.

The tragedy happened 2 years later after Kennedy was elected President. During a trip to Texas, he was assassinated in an open convertible with several shots to the head and neck

And although Jackie remarried several years after the tragic death of her first husband, she could not forget until his death.

No one could compare with him.

In it she admitted in one of his interviews, when he was already elderly woman. She called his years in the White house, the best in her life.

8. Pierce Brosnan and Cassandra Harris

Романы знаменитостей, закончившиеся трагично. Фото

When James bond falls in love with someone, he’s getting married and wants to live this girl’s life.

In 1980, pierce Brosnan met Cassandra Harris. They had a child (Cassandra had two children from his first marriage).

After a few years of cloudless happiness in women discovered the cancer. Brosnan has been with his wife, supporting her in everything.

He went through all the circles of hell together with your beloved: several surgeries, extensive chemotherapy. The treatment proved powerless. The disease won, and in 1991 at the age of 43 Cassandra died.

Brosnan shared that he continued to talk with his beloved, even after her death. But the tragedy associated with the disease, has not ended.

A few years later, my daughter Cassandra from his first marriage to Charlotte showed identical disease.

Pierce Brosnan to the latest was with the stepdaughter, holding her hand.

9. Meryl Streep and John Casale

Романы знаменитостей, закончившиеся трагично. Фото

The star of “the Godfather” John Casale was the first serious love talented Actresses.

An obstacle of this love was neither the age difference nor the popularity of the John. At the time he was 40 years old, and she’s only 27. Casale has starred in various films and was quite popular with the artistic crowd, and the Strip was just starting its path to the Olympus of Hollywood.

Casale helped his lover to move up the career ladder.

Streep starred in the film “Julia”, then the couple appeared together in the film “the deer Hunter”. This tape gave the young actress the first nomination on “Oscar”.

When the Strip went on shooting in Australia, her lover let her go without telling her how terrible diagnosis assigned to them by the doctors.

A few months later upon return to America, the Strip was shocked. She found her beloved in a terrible condition: the disease is so eaten him up that he couldn’t even get out of bed.

The actress had been next to the Casale, and after his death I made myself a promise that her personal life will always come first and only on the second job.

Family should be first and foremost. That was the rule she chose to follow in life.

Later the actress got married. With her new husband, sculptor Don Gummer, she raised four children, trying to keep his personal life away from the flashes of paparazzi stalking.

10. Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Syme

Романы знаменитостей, закончившиеся трагично. Фото

Back in 1999 the famous actor Keanu Reeves and his girlfriend actress Jennifer Syme were in expectation of her first child.

However, unfortunately, their dreams of a happy life was not to be. Their long-awaited baby was born dead.

The couple was very upset by the tragedy that has occurred. And yet two years later, Jennifer died in a car accident.

For Keanu this loss was a heavy blow, after which he finally failed to recover.

The actor avoids communication with the press, not seeking anyone’s support or sympathy. He just spend hours wandering around the city, and sometimes sits down to tramps, to talk and listen to other people.

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