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The North Caucasus stopped at the cemetery Federal billion

Северный Кавказ прекратился в кладбище федеральных миллиардов

The activities of the Ministry of the Russian Federation for the North Caucasus, the chamber is not the first time found to be ineffective. Budget money (billions of rubles!), allocated to support the real sector of the economy in the region, wisely be spent again failed.


Ministers change. But more does not change anything

The auditor chamber of Russia Svetlana Orlova (the same one that the former Governor of the Vladimir region) at the Board meeting reported on the results of verification of Minkowksi. It checked the progress of the state program of socio-economic development of the regions of the North Caucasus, adopted in 2014.

In accordance with this program, the Ministry allocates each year to local authorities grants to support the most significant investment projects. They are distributed along the line of development corporations, which are in every region of the North Caucasus (and there is even more umbrella Corporation that supports the biggest projects in the North Caucasus).

So, as established by Orlov, the whole system is not working. From the beginning of 2017 to support the investors was allocated 11.2 billion rubles, however, of the 27 planned projects, the real money allocated only eight. In 2017 the co-financing for projects attracted only 22% of the planned funds, and in the past — only 36%.

In Dagestan is not an agreement with the development Corporation, and North Ossetia don’t have the rules of selection of investment projects.

These “black balls” the chamber is rolling out the Minkowksi before. For example, at the end of 2017, it turned out that it was possible to achieve only a third of the planned indices of development of the Federal circle. The Ministry has spent only 45% of the allocated funds (including in December — 32%). In 2017, as found by the chamber, was to be implemented 11 projects, and really managed to complete only one — construction of a plant for the production of aluminum profile in Ingushetia.

The previous audit of the accounting chamber were transferred to the government of Russia and the Ministry of Finance, General Prosecutor’s office and the FSB. Officially for managerial decision-making. Since then, and the Minister for North Caucasus Affairs were changed: the place of the Lion of Kuznetsova took Sergey Chebotarev. But as you can see, in fact, nothing has changed.

Lesniak: the government spends billions to attract millions

— Unfortunately, provided state support of regions and its implementation is disparate things, — the adviser of the President of the Russian-Asian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs (rauie) Dmitry lesnjak. — The money that the state directs to improve investment climate and create new jobs, could be directed on social sphere of the same region and to improve the lives of people (to build new hospitals, schools and other social infrastructure). And later it would have improved and the investment climate in the region.

In addition, there are questions as to the rationality of use of budgetary funds. It is impossible to allocate a few billion to attract multi-million investments. This is not feasible, but in practice this is often the case.

“SP”: — You tell about the negative experience. But as the state support system is supposed to work?

— For regions and investment climate the most important thing is a fixed tax rate, which for a long time does not change in any areas of the business. Another important point is protection of the interests of workers, that is, normal trade Union activities. Should also be tax benefits for the various business areas in different regions. And only when these conditions are met, the investment approach will become finally effective.

Alekhine: officials with design thinking — unit

I remember this summer at a press Breakfast, the then acting Governor of Kursk region Roman Starovoit said that any kind of free economic zones, technoparks and other similar tools attract investors don’t work. His main idea was that they should become an attractive investment destination in the entire region, and not part of it, — tells “the Free press” the President of the Association of social entrepreneurs the novel Alekhin. — It is necessary not to push the investor at specific sites and find the site in the region that will meet the criteria of each specific project.

“SP”: — You, as a businessman with a Starovoit agree?

— I completely agree! It’s time to switch to project management and financing at all. We are looking for investors, which meet the needs of the territory in the ecology, infrastructure, and training available in abundance in specific areas, and “pull” them in your region.

Show all the possible territory, conclude an agreement and make an empty area the site again for a specific investor with all utilities and infrastructure. Next protect project at the Federal level and under it we obtain subsidies, after first checking its effectiveness by economists from the Federal Center.

“SP”: — it Sounds nice and right. But are you ready for today’s officials to such a project work on the result?

— According to the report of the accounting chamber, which I have read, and what is happening in the regions to such a project work is ready, only a few regional leaders. Thus, the goal of the Federal government to seek such leaders and evaluate their results according to a rigid criterion for the efficiency of attracting investors

In the meantime

Echo the numerous scandals the economy of the North Caucasus has come to the United States. According to the American press on Tuesday there are immigration agents of the United States near Miami (Florida) arrested the former head of the company “resorts of the North Caucasus” Ahmed Bilalov, who is on the international wanted list.

In respect of Akhmed Bilalov in Russia in 2013, a criminal case was opened on charges of involvement in “unreasonable costs for travel management companies in foreign countries with elements of luxury” budget “resorts of the North Caucasus”. As reported by the Prosecutor General’s office, for Ahmed bilalova flights to France, UK and other countries, among other things, ordered Charter flights amounting to about 80 million rubles.

Another criminal case was opened against Bilalov’s brother Magomed. Brothers together controlled the company “Krasnaya Polyana”, which was responsible for the construction of the complex “Gorky Gorod” in Sochi. The construction period of the project was disrupted.

Magomed Bilalov was also one of the largest shareholders of “National Bank of business development”. According to the interior Ministry of the Russian Federation, the Bank has allocated more than 5 billion rubles for Olympic projects in Sochi, but subsequently the credit institution declared bankrupt.

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