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The nightmarish mysteries of the American West release trailer for “Outlast 2”

The sequel to one of the most talked about horror games in recent years from independent Studio Red Barrels got finally the full release trailer.

Video is a cutting scenes from numerous locations for future games, and intriguing seen quite noticeable. Blood gushing from the empty shower enclosure, aggressive people with flashlights chasing the main character in the wheat field, begging for mercy, the woman on the rack… All accompanied by a girl’s voice singing the popular Bible song “O Be Careful, Little Eyes”, only similar motive and creepy shots, and his people, not to soothe, and inspire anxiety.

In Outlast 2, we have to play the role of a journalist Blake Langermann. He and his wife investigate the murder of a pregnant woman. The investigation leads him to the boondocks of Arizona, where the protagonist is faced with representatives of a creepy religious cult and forced to survive in difficult conditions.

Well, the world of “Outlast” really has undergone significant changes – now the game looks like a mixture of “Forbidden Siren” and “Silent Hill”, but it certainly not loses, and the main chips of the first part, namely the possibility of using the camera with the mode “night vision” at key moments of history. The creators also recognized that the choice of basis for the plot studied materials about the tragedy at Jonestown occurred in 1978. Then the preacher Jim Jones ordered his flock to commit suicide that killed 918 people. The second “Outlast” also touches on the theme of cults, terrible secrets which can be very dangerous to bystanders. In addition, judging by the playable demo, the game is perfectly optimized – your humble servant has already tried it out on my not gaming laptop and was surprised wonderful for modern product performance. In General, reasons to wait for the release of the game abound, and pull will not have long – 25th April “Outlast 2” will be available for playing on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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