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The new year is not far off: how many Ukrainians will cost winter vacation

Новый год не за горами: во сколько украинцам обойдется зимний отпуск Experts suggest now is the time to decide on vacation spot.

For those who want to spend the holidays outside their home city, is already to attend to the search options — Christmas tours fly like hotcakes. Journalists know where and how much you can go on vacation this winter.

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According to travel agents, buying vouchers for a few months before the trip, you can save up to 15%. For those who like extreme mountain rest, passes will now cost two times cheaper than in winter: for example, in Bukovel-ticket for 5 days cost today in 2300 UAH. In November of the same will have to pay 4600 UAH. As for accommodation, it is still possible to rent double room in house in the Carpathians for 400-450 UAH per person per night with Breakfast. The four-day trip to the Volyn region in the vicinity of the residence of father Frost in Belovezhskaya Pushcha (Belarus) will cost about 5 thousand UAH for a full package. New year in Lviv will have to pay 6 thousand UAH for three days in Odessa — about 4 thousand in Chernivtsi — 2.6 thousand UAH, and in Kamenets-Podolsk about 4.3 thousand UAH for four days. On Orthodox Christmas, you can skip to Poltava region and participate in a three-day “Evenings on a farm near Dikanka” for 3.2 thousand UAH, or see the castles of Volyn for 2.7 thousand UAH.


“From inexpensive European destinations for the New year Ukrainians prefer Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic. A great option for business people who are not able to take long holidays, — told us the Manager of the Metropolitan Agency Vladislav Kifaru. But tours is better to take now — more of available hotels and you can choose the option for everyone. And on the flight it is still possible to save — in a few weeks the prices will start to rise.” For example, now three nights in Budapest with flights will cost 6.6 thousand UAH (212 euros) per person in double room. New year’s day in Prague will cost about 11 thousand UAH (350 euros) with flights to together with. If you buy the flights separately, 3 days in Warsaw will cost 4.4 thousand UAH (140 EUR), 4 days in Munich — 11, 5 thousand UAH (€370), 4 days in Barcelona is 12.7 thousand UAH (409 euros).

“Also go on thermal and mineral resorts of Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia. Week in the Hungarian hajdúszoboszló will cost 8.4 million UAH (272 euros) transfer from the chop. A Slovak Spa resort lúčky for four days will cost 8.2 thousand UAH (265 euros)”, says Kifaru. Those who want a winter Wonderland on the bus, you can get away for a week in the Polish Zakopane for 5.5 thousand UAH (177 Euro) or to Lapland for 11.7 thousand UAH (375 euros).

Toys and nature

For lovers of short adventures suitable full-day excursion to the factory of Christmas toys in Klavdievo for 500 UAH. On Christmas day (25 December) you can go to a romantic trip to Lviv for two days for 1600 UAH or Feed (Vinnytsia region) for 1800 UAH. One day you can get to the rural folk festivals Polesye (Zhitomir region) for 850 UAH, or New year’s eve to go to Mezhrechensky landscape Park, or in Trostianets dendrological Park (both in the Chernihiv region) for 750 UAH. But for 2700 UAH propose to spend two days in the parks Uman (“Park”) and the White Church (Alexandria), however, included a Christmas Banquet.

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