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The new year can bring to a heart attack

Новый год может довести до сердечного приступаScientific reviewer Dean Burnett said: new year’s day is “anything but fun”. The expert wrote a column in which he warned that the Christmas chores and cooking can bring to a heart attack.

According to Burnett, appealing to the 2006 study, festive illumination, which was so typical for Christmas and New year, affect the health and mood of people. “Too dark or too brightly lit space has on human negative impact and knock circadian rhythms. The only thing worse is the lights and garland on the background of the dark sky,” said research analyst.

Haunting music and communication with relatives could also damage the nervous system. The festival requires many family gatherings that tiring, especially if relationships with family members difficult. “For an adult return in the role of a child (brother/sister) at the table is not painless. Triggered psychological regression, recall old grievances, rivalries and family traits, acting on the nerves,” he said in this regard, the expert.

Another stress factor is the widespread demonstration of new year’s attributes, encouraging the man to hurry to acquire the same, to keep up with other people. While simultaneously responding to work-related and economic issues, which only exacerbates the feeling of chaos in life, because to control everything and everywhere to make it physically impossible.The expert advised not to put before itself the important task and not to associate the holidays with wonders – so the load on the psyche will be less, and the disappointment will not be painful.

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