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The new version of Android will get a “tasty” name

Новая версия Android получит "вкусное" названиеAndroid will be named in honor of Oreo cookies

Each version of the Android operating system has a “sweet name” (the first two, Apple Pie and Banana Bread, it was rated after the fact), and every year fans of the OS guessing what it will be for the next version.

Google follows alphabetical order: each of the following sweetness to begin next letter of the English alphabet. In 2017, it was the turn of the letter O, and most expected a candidate looks like an Oreo cookie. On the name the company hinted in the promotional video three years ago:

And recently Hiroshi Lockheimer, senior Vice President of Google responsible for Chrome OS, Android and Google Play, has published in his Twitter a picture of a cake decorated with Oreo cookies.

Of course, all these steps Google can be distracting maneuvers, but the reverse is not excluded – Google hints that Oreo will be a symbol next version of Android.

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