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The new season of “the Walking dead” started with the worst ratings in five years

A few days ago aired the jubilee, the one hundredth episode of “the Walking dead” (The Walking Dead). He opened the eighth season of the show was quite good, although we’ve seen abruptly. The war with Nigunim started right off the bat. Now it would be good not to go back to the usual gloom.

But what’s with the ratings? It has long been saying that “Walking” has slipped that no one is looking, but to close the series and not think. In fact, the audience really is getting smaller, but still decent and, presumably, acceptable to the management of the channel AMC.

The first series of the new season was watched by 11.4 million people, and this is the worst result for the premiere episode of the show over the past five years. And if you compare with last year’s start (when it was 17 million viewers), the fall looks just menacing. However, one should not forget that the sixth season of “Walking” over a powerful kliffhenger, thereby ensuring the premiere of the next season of abnormal attention. Well, who can not see who of the main characters, the villain, Negan smashed the skull? So the audience has decided.

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The series is a very good feeling format-shifted viewing: a few days after the release of the series the audience is growing at a good pace. And if in respect of itself of the past “Walking” looks worse, then the competition they are still in the top. The show remains the highest rated story project on cable TV for an adult audience. And this is a lot.

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In General, the pace of “the Walking dead” will hobble long enough, losing along the way the body parts, but staying on the move. And if the creators come to their senses and stop feeding the audience with soap and water with a taste of carrion, the former up and back.

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