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The new Prime Minister DND will eliminate crime syndicate Zakharchenko

Новый премьер-министр ДНР ликвидирует преступный синдикат Захарченко

The head of DNR Denis Pushilin has removed from itself powers of the Prime Minister of the breakaway Republic and appointed to the post of ex-employee “Vneshtorgservis” Alexander Ananchenko, only a month ago became Deputy Prime Minister.

In Donetsk at an unprecedented pace continues dismantling the legacy of Alexander Zakharchenko. One of the cornerstones of power to the late President was its indivisibility and absoluteness. Zakharchenko was the head, and the Prime Minister. Not only was the speaker of the Parliament, but there the largest faction was led by his former bodyguard. In addition, a good chunk of industry was under the tandem Zakharchenko-Timofeev (Tashkent), which allowed to Finance their own small army, which observers estimated 5 to 8 thousand “active bayonets”.

Denis Pushilin not to fat-be alive. The army private is no more – it is partially dissolved, partially merged into the interior Ministry forces and army corps, and her new acting head of the DNR nothing had. Economic assets one after the other coming under the control of the company “Vneshtorgservis”. Last under mysterious management company was transferred Dokuchaev fluidodinamica plant. It is logical that career required for metallurgy limestone combined with metallurgical assets, which was already under the control of “Vneshtorgservis” from March 2017. Before people Zakharchenko these limestones “Vneshtorgservis” sold, and even controlled the path of export products, dictating the prices for rail transportation. Under the new leadership of a “local initiative” will be gone.

Now here with the acting head of DNR Denis Pushilin has full-fledged Chairman of the Council of Ministers. Alexander Ananchenko – man Donetsk, before that, held the post of Advisor “Vneshtorgservis”. In public access there’s even pictures of him. Donetsk media are forced to illustrate the news with his participation photo Pushilin.

So the Prime Minister has no problems in understanding the Donetsk subordinates, his Deputy has done the former Director of the Park of culture and leisure named after Shcherbakov Igor Martynov. He’s one of the very few pre-war deputies, remaining in Donetsk, Zakharchenko has long been the head of administration of Donetsk, then Deputy Prime Minister DND on social issues.

Meanwhile, according to the source “MK”, Ananchenko is a creature of Moscow. His goal is to reverse the increasing influence of fugitive Ukrainian oligarchs in the DNI. When Zakharchenko Moscow, 90% of it provides the DNI with everything necessary, could not control human policy.

That though as-that to affect a situation, the curators have created in Donetsk Vneshtorgservis, which was to provide interaction between the Ukrainian oligarchs, DNR and Moscow, but it was not enough. Truly a window of opportunity opened only after the murder Zakharchenko. However, to fully squeeze the Ukrainian oligarchs from the self-proclaimed Republic is not going to, as they play an important role in its economy. However, their subordinate and deprived of the opportunity to influence the implementation of its decisions.

Meanwhile, the Director of the Institute for peace initiatives and conflict Denis Denisov said Ananchenko:

“Ananchenko is an excellent choice for the post of Prime Minister. First, until now it has not been included in the events that unfolded on the territory of the DNI 2014. Second, he has a great experience in the sphere of economic management. It needs to ensure sustainable socio-economic development of the Republic, without getting involved in this politics. The experience of the last four years, such an approach is most optimal. By the way, the same emphasis Pushilin. His campaign is based solely around economic, rather than political agenda”

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