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The new “Predator” will require a reshoot

The resource with the telling title AVP Galaxy reports that the Director Shane Black and the new film about the alien hunters are all a part of. Despite the fact that filming was completed in June last year, the movie is not ready yet. Moreover, in March in Vancouver will start shooting, which can take up to three weeks.

Bad sign? No official information on this point, so we can only speculate. Do the reshoot/dosemki – not so rare, it is sometimes necessary to overwrite some stuff. On the other hand, such movement may be caused by the results of test screenings. That there is viewers saw the first “Predator”? Honestly, some concerns of the project is: all of these suburbs, humor and other questionable story decisions are not particularly inspiring. However, let’s see what happens in the end.

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Recall synopsis:

The main character, a former marine, discovers a malevolent alien race on Earth, but nobody believes that these things exist. His son is autistic, whom everyone bullied at school, becomes a key figure in the struggle with the Predators, because the boy knows how incredibly quick to learn languages and, apparently, will be able to understand aliens.

By the way, the fans are already developing a theory that, among other things, a reshoot is needed to “fit” in the film of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Sounds too fantastic? Possibly, but it would be cool.

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Most likely, the Iron Arnie we will not see, but will definitely be following comrades: Boyd Holbrook (“A walk among the tombstones”, “Logan”), Trevante Rhodes (“The world of the wild West”), Olivia Munn (“Deliver us from evil”), Thomas Jane (“Mist”), Keegan-Michael Key (TV series “Fargo”), Jacob Tremble (“Somnia”), Sterling K. Brown (“Supernatural”, “American crime story”), Edward James Olmos (“blade Runner”, “Dexter”) and Jake busey (“starship troopers”).

The premiere is scheduled for 3 August 2018.

For the tip on the news thanks to our reader Wife Untilova.

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