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The new “IT” created a wave of fan art. And it’s great!

Until recently, many doubted whether pull a new actor Pennywise role in upcoming movie “It”, will it really be scary? Because the image created by Tim Curry teleadapt 1990 it became truly iconic. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

And the first image of the actor bill Skarsgard in the updated (or rather, aged) image of the evil clown has caused many complaints, like efficiently, but it need horror.

Then came the frame out from the sewer Pennywise, and then we finally skipped a beat. It! We counted the days until the release of the first teaser trailer, more and more worked up, and it was worth it. The video was ohranenii.

Expectations for the film, which will premiere September 7, 2017, has increased many times over. But most importantly, the public took to the new clown. One proof of this can be attributed to the abundance of fan art with Pennywise Skarsgard, which came to light recently. Pros, Amateurs and just kids is an inspiration and touched everyone! And we want you plunged into this wave. Just check this out. After all, in its enormous masses here gathered really awesome arts! Yes! They fly, Georgie, they fly, you will fly!

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