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The new Infiniti has passed sea trials

Новый Infiniti уже прошел ходовые испытания Soon an updated model of the QX50 will be available.

Based on its large experience of Japanese automotive vehicle manufacturers introduced an updated model of the Infiniti QX50.

In motion upgraded model behaves as an obedient, powerful and bigger car.

The increase in the overall dimensions of the machine helped to make the car comfortable on the inside, but concise outside. Sharp steering now becomes more noticeable due to the displacement of the center of mass of the rolls.

The informative steering is at a high level that only draws attention to the model. Top version models are equipped with DAS 2.0, which fully exempt the vehicle from the vibration of the road.

Specification of the car directly affects its permeability. This generation of cars is equipped with twenty-inch wheels, which allow you to pass the road irregularities tougher.

Interesting, a General caveat is that the updated model is the same as the previous version of the machine is not perfectly cope with the traffic situations. Experts say that the main problem is in the original manufacturer’s defects.

Новый Infiniti уже прошел ходовые испытания

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