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The new flagship of Samsung may be the Galaxy Z (2018)

In the Internet appeared the mention of the new smartphone from Samsung called the Galaxy Z (2018). According to rumors, that he destined the honour of becoming the flagship of the entire line Galazy 2018, there will be a kind of big brother models S9 and S9+.

At the moment, the Galaxy Z (2018) not yet announced, but we know about it is not so little, and it can be compared with S9. In many ways, the filling of these smartphones from Samsung are similar, for example, both involved the Qualcomm 845, but the Galaxy Z (2018) there are 6 glass Gorilla glass front and back, dual main camera, located the same as at a tenth of the IPhone. The Galaxy Z (2018) made of metal and augmented protection IP68 water, and inside it hides a good battery capacity of 3600 mAh, able to charge up to 100 percent within 1 hour. Mentioned and the resolution of cameras: 16+16 MP and rear 12 MP front above the screen Quad HD with a diagonal of 6 inches and a minimum framework around the perimeter.
Total, the new Galaxy Z (2018) more less S9 and S9+, just like in the current Apple lineup. The smartphone will also complete a module NFC for contactless payments, Wi-Fi 802.11 Bluetooth ad and 5, and a list of its main features include 128 GB and 6 GB of RAM. Judging by the title, the announcement of the smartphone will be held in the new year, and it will cost around $850.

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